This weekend I was walking around Brisbane city and wanted to show what adoption in Brisbane looks like. A simple map below shows just some of the vendors accepting Crypto.

I took some photos and:

  • Bought a coffee for my partner and I
  • Booked my hotel (Details below)
City Map, Blue markets in indicate Crypto accepted

The first place I went past was a small coffee place called “Pablo and Rusty”. A sticker in the window. BTC, ETH, LTC, Dash and STEEM(?) accepted.

Making my purchase was simple, made my order then said “Can I pay in Bitcoin”. He bought out a little tablet and I scanned the QR code. Done.

Tablet with BTC app.
My coffee and and TX ID for proof :)
Tacos for Tokens
Chicken for Coin
Salad for Satoshi’s
Steamed dumplings for STEEM ?
TEA for Token?

My hotel booking was all made prior using the platform (AVA token on NEO).

There’s no doubt in my mind that AVA is going to take off. I did a full review of both my booking and usage of the hotel below: