Look for the Patterns. Don’t leave your audience in the dark.

5 Great Ways To Market Your Skills

You start to create a niche of your own. A service you can provide to others. Yet you don’t know what’s the first step to get there.





Press Release.

Social Media.

Especially Social Media. I’m not a frequent user of Facebook or Twitter but I’d like to see how my friends are doing. Besides that, I like to look into Trends.

Social Media is another form of research. Instagram and Twitter are my trends tool on Social Media. Scrape the information off of one user as if they are your competitor.

You can also use Social Media for Press Release. If you message or encourage the person to put you on the spotlight.

So, the audience creates the work to you. Start a viral trend.

Why Viral Trends?

You don’t even have to pay for advertising here. The content you have is enough proof for the person to share amongst his friends. Never stop feeding your audience content.

Do you want to lose your position off the map?


So how did Pokemon Go started their viral trend?

Features. Teams. Updates on content.

Don’t discourage the use of Social Media. Where you can broadcast a skill by people who refer the service you have to offer. Find out how you can reach out to your audience without using advertisement.

Although, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads can increase ROI. If you understand the audience you want to connect with.

Don’t fall behind the knowledge of your audience.

What’s your audience’s story?