A Strategy to Scale Your Numbers

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Remember the story behind the new guy?

The time built up around the audience he dedicated to his active interest. I remember one of my good Navy buddies talked to me about a podcaster who started in his garage.

He landed an interview with the President, who at the time, was Barrack Obama.

Amazing how you can reach out to almost anyone nowadays. And yet, he took time to grow the audience and skill behind the microphone. As relaxed as you want to be, while you run, write, talk…

Start low. Stay active on it.

I know. Your mind is on exponential numbers, viral content, influencers, dominating the market. You can’t afford the wait while you find yourself in the bottom of a dry well, extending your arms out, hoping for someone above ground to rescue you.

Hey buddy, do you have a rope near you that you can pass me? Something long enough to take me out of this hole.

Man, I do hope you get out of that hole. Hope. Don’t wait on hope. Take action.

But have some visiblity to yourself, so others can find you.

Will a fan of yours grab a rope to pull you out?