Finally, I got my Honor 7x which I ordered at the end of 2017. Having spent the past 24 hours with this phone, I am already impressed. By the time this review is written, the Honor 7x is still the only new devices you can buy directly from Huawei Device USA, making this phone not only a vanguard for the launching of Huawei’s flagship Mate 10 series, but also a keystone for the company’s North America expansion this time. Yesterday the company just announced a limited red color 7x would soon hit the streets, as their answer to Valentine’s day…

If you know the brand Live in you (里莜), you know a lot about the Chinese domestic pen makers. Even for a fountain pen addict like me who always keep an eye on online communities, I just haven’t seen any mention of it before. Even today, there is no active discussion building up around this brand and its offerings among Chinese pen communities.

This year’s Hub is also hosted by the president of the Big Apple Pen Club, Joshua Lax, at the 5th and Mad Bar in Manhattan. Last year’s Pelikan Hub was my first one here, and from there I got familiar with the local pen community here in the New York area.

So this time, after participating several pen shows and many regular meeting of the local community, I am not surprised to see many old faces. Meanwhile, I am happy to see many new faces shown up and getting more and more engaged with this hobby.

Without further due, let’s…

I love my vintage Kaweco V14S from the 60s. Being a compact pen, it features a resin-casted black body with a blue transparent ink window, a piston filler, a stainless steel matte finished cap, and a semi-flexible gold nib. All the specs needed for a flagship pen at the time are presented, and this is indeed one of the perfect Kaweco pens. My initial plan was to simply preserve it well, the same way I treat my 70s’ Hero-100. …

Fountain Pen Review | Franklin-Christoph Stabilis 66 Solid Emerald: the Resurrection of Eyedroppers

I am here to review the Franklin-Christoph Model 66 Stabilis Solid Emerald I bought during the past Baltimore-Washington International Pen Show. This pen came with an HP Steel Medium Nib in Solid Black.

First, I must concede when I was new to this hobby, I was a Gold+Piston fundamentalist. Why there should be a TWSBI in the market (Steel nib? What a pity for the piston!), or what’s the point for a premium gold nib pen has a cartridge/converter system (please, I AM a piston person!). I…


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