It’s been 3 weeks since I published TraceTogether: under the hood, a summary of my security review of Singapore’s TraceTogether mobile app developed by GovTech Singapore for community-driven tracing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Since then, both TraceTogether and my independent review of what’s under the hood have amassed much attention from the global community. TraceTogether’s novel approach of using Bluetooth Low Energy for contact tracing have inspired other Countries to replicate it, and industry juggernauts Apple & Google have committed to bake similar contact tracing technology into iOS and Android.

This morning, a reader Gowtham Raj requested if…

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Zoom became a household name overnight as many find themselves telecommuting for work and school amidst a worsening global pandemic.

Zoom is favoured both professionally and socially as it is trivial to onboard meeting participants new to Zoom: just send a hyperlink. Zoom is rich in enterprise features, a necessity for compliance. Reporters now attend and raise questions at the daily ministerial task force press update over Zoom: its use by the 🇸🇬 Government over the many other video solutions is a seal of approval.

Launched last Saturday (Mar 21, 2020), TraceTogether is a mobile app developed by GovTech for community-driven contact tracing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

April 9, 2020 Update: The 21 Day Data Retention Policy as publicly advertised have been implemented by Version 1.5. Thanks to GovTech for the attribution on the Version Changelog 😉

Mar 24, 2020 Update: GovTech rolled out an update, from 1.0.24 to 1.0.30. New findings relevant to “#2–Data Records & SQLite Storage” and “#3–21 Day Data Retention Policy?” sections are appended below each section.

The release of TraceTogether piqued my interest as a security professional…

🇸🇬 Frank Liauw

Full-Stack & DevOps Engineer, Certified Ethical Hacker, GeoSpatial Enthusiast.

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