A play of cones of vision and decontextualized images (DILLER AND SCOFIDO)

Figure.1(Slow House)

Diller and Scofido focus view in Slow House Project (1990). In the Slow House, there is one window forward beach, and Diller and Scofido controlled view by cone of vision and decontextualized images.In their project, they also recorded views from different timing.

Figure 2(models for finding cone of view)

In Figure 2, there are 4 different types of models. I was trying to figure out functions of cone of view.

Figure.3 (foamed plastic model)

I used plastic board to create my original model. However, plastic are hard to joint together and easily collapse. In addition, foamed plastic can not present a sense of reality because people don’t build a house by foamed plastic.

Figure.3(wood model )

I used wood instead of plastic, so the model is much more stable. Diller and Scofido manipulated viewers to see the view in Slow House. They expanded distance of width to see the beach. In figure.3, I did the same idea but different way. I shortened the width of distance and made view concentrate on cityscape. However, the view still exist some unnecessary details.

Figure.4( wood model and camera)

When I took photo for my model, I found that camera can capture the view what I need and I think I can follow the camera shot to build my model’s window. Therefore, I did the model in Figure.4.

figure.5(image from google map)
Figure.7(view from inside of model)

In my plan, I set my model towards to Sydney Opera house. So, I found the appropriate image and made it on the same horizontal line with my model. In figure.7, we can only see the cityscape.

Figure.8 (light on the second floor from different timing)

In Slow House, Diller and Scofido recorded different timing on the entertaining view. I did same way from my model. My idea on the second floor came from sundial. Viewer can see the movement of light from morning to midday and know what time it is. I used flashlight to replace sun in Figure.8.

Figure.9 (view from outside through passage of light)
Figure.10 Final model

Image reference: http://www.dsrny.com/projects/slow-house

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