the city as a collection of architectural eccentricities


Atelier Bow Wow is a Tokyo-based architecture firm which published “Made in Tokyo.” In “Made in Tokyo,” it produced many publications and showed some multi-functional buildings. For example, there is an expressway petrol building in figure.1. The building is a multi-purpose architecture, and it set an office, company housing and patrol car parking. “Made in Tokyo” describes the city as a collection of architectural eccentricities. It made buildings that share space but have multi-purpose, and each purpose does not necessary relate to one another.

The technique Atelier Bow Wow used is interested me, and I was trying to create and find some multi-functional buildings in the city.

Figure.2 UTS Building drawing

In figure.2, this is a UTS building, and I discovered the roof is empty. Therefore, I created a garden on the roof. Garden and University are two different functional areas. However, making them integrate together and it shows an amazing thing. It can let students and teachers relax and chat in the garden, and because the garden is on the top of UTS building, so it can view the cityscape and release their pressure and pleasing to their eyes.

Figure.3 World Square drawing

In figure.3, I added a tennis court in the centre of World Square Shopping Centre. It is eccentric but interesting. When people finish their shopping, they can play tennis for fun or sit in the restaurant and watch people playing for enjoying.

Figure.4 Circular Quay Station drawing

Circular Quey station is a hybrid architecture, and it includes an expressway, train station, shops and ferry wharf. People feel convenient to travel, especially for tourists, because people have lots of choices to choose transportation media.

Figure.5 Bus stop in Chippendale drawing

Figure.5 is a bus stop in Chippendale. The bus stop also has elevators that go to the basement, and the basement is connected to train station. Bus stop what has elevators are odd but useful so that people don’t need to wait for the red light.

Figure.6 Library in Double Bay drawing

The last one is a library in the Double Bay. The ground floor of this building is a NAB Bank and ATM of Commonwealth Bank. There is two entirely different functional areas in one building. The strange layout makes the place cool. When people finish their reading time and ready to eat something, they can withdraw their cash from bank or ATM.

I feel the multi-purpose buildings much more useful in the comtemporary era. Today, more and more buildings are built and unoccupied space of city are decreasing, then multi-purpose buildings can efficiently solve the problem and make the city become more meaningful.


Atelier Bow Wow, 2001, Made in Tokyo, Kajima Institute Publishing Co. Japan

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