The importance of protein and amino acids

One of the most important ingredients for successful bodybuilding is protein. How well your body uses protein is indicated by it’s protein efficiency ratio (PER) which tells as a percentage how well the body uses the protein you ingest. We can divide proteins into animal and vegetable proteins. And while vegetable proteins are claimed to be very healthy, they do have low PER ratings. Soy, pea, hemp, bean protein all have PERs in the 40% range while protein from animal sources: meats, dairy, and egg protein sources have much higher values. The highest is from egg white protein with PER in the 90 percent range and along with whey protein from milk sources are the proteins your body assimilates the best. Meats, containing connective tissue (especially beef) have lower PERs somewhere in the 70% range.. So in my book it makes sense to use egg white or whey protein.

Some people are lactose intolerant and don’t do well on whey protein. I’m one of them so I do not drink milk and rely on a protein drink of carbonated water, a squirt of half and half and agave for taste, and 25 to 50 grams of my Egg White Perfection shaken in a drink as a meal substitute especially after a workout. Sipped slowly after training puts protein in my system and boosts my glucose levels. I make sure to use only the finest ingredients so I don’t buy those huge containers of whey that Walmart sells. Protein is important because it is composed of the amino acids, the body’s building blocks. A protein drink is essential for bodybuilders because it supplies amino acids in abundance and is one of the best ways to increase nutrient density while not going overboard on calories. We endeavor to get one gram of first class protein per pound of ideal bodyweight.

Egg White Perfection is unique because it contains L-glutamine in free form. This amino acid increases alertness, feeds the muscles as well as the brains, boosts immunity and endurance. What happens under strict dieting conditions is after about 8 hours of not eating the body taps the branched chain amino acids in muscle tissue, pulls out glutamine, and sends it to the liver where it is stripped of nitrogen and used for energy at the expense of wasting muscle tissue. To prevent this from happening it’s a good idea to add a protein rich in glutamine as well as the other amino acids to your nutritional program. I’ve been doing this for years and I think it’s one of the main reasons for my success in bodybuilding.

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