Digital Literacy

Hello Medium World! I hope all is well with those who read this!

Feels bittersweet to be back on this side of the blogging world.

So by the title, some of you may guess this is another assignment for my Masters/Credentialing Classes. You are correct. This month it is…..drumroll please…..MAT 675: Integrating Multimedia.

Well here we go!

  1. How do you describe yourself as a learner in the 21st Century?

I find this a hard question to answer. I am going to refer back to my age. I am 23 and still getting a handle on who I am as a person in this world. I know this assignment is about Digital Literacy and my digital side is a part of me. I am writing this blog after all. I am still navigating on what content to put out besides my class assignments and personal stories. I am still taking in how my digital life. The only point of my digital literacy that is “up to date” with the world is probably this blog and finally taking online classes for an actual degree.

To categorize myself, I am an avid learner in all aspects of my life. I have been reading so many textbook pages, just wanting to be well rounded and have many things under my belt.

2. How do you describe yourself as a teacher in the 21st Century?

This one for me changes a lot, but one thing is constant: expression. As a teacher, my goal is to allow students to appropriately express themselves. It has taken me a long time to find my outlet and be courageous enough to have my writing out there. I want to ignite that in my students early. Most importantly, their voices are key to their growth and can set off this chain reaction of inspiration (a simple view, but a strong view of mine). I cannot say that I have much experience in having the digital world in my teaching, because I have not had much experience with that. From what I am learning in my textbook, there are much more resources I am intrigued to try out. So maybe you will see my digital literacy improve throughout this blog.

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