PBL: Nurturing Creativity — Social Media Integration

Hello all! For one of my assignments this week in MAT 675: Integrating Multimedia, I was asked to create a project based lesson. For this assignment, I wanted to use social media in it. Below is my instructions and structure for the Social Media Integration project/lesson.


Directions: Choose one social media site [either you are a member of or have seen multiple times].

Answer the following questions:

  • How does this site stand out from other social media sites? What makes it unique?
  • Why did you choose this site? Do you use this site?
  • What is one way this social media site can be used in the classroom (ex. extra forum for group discussions)?

After answering questions, now create an app that you would like to see in class. Use your answers from the questions above to spark that new app.

Draw your app symbol.

Write a 100 word description and what devices this is available on.

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