Reading Comprehension Resources

I am beginning to think these assignments will essentially give me a library of resources, once I become a teacher.

Anyways, as the title says, this is a compilation of websites to help refresh, inspire, and educate teachers on how reading can be more effect and long lasting. [All about adolescent literacy: Resources for parents and educators of kids in grades 4–12]

Kind of playing off Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, this website list seven ways students from Grades 4–12 can effectively and actively read for class, such as how to infer, question, and visualize/organize what they get from the text.

Teach Thought: We Grow Teachers

Now this website is not just focused on reading comprehension strategies (incorporating all content areas). It has great visuals to help with reading, but it has more topics on there aspects of the classroom.

Reading Rockets: Launching young readers

This website has several links to other types of strategies and focuses the effective middle school and high school reading comprehension methods. Bonus: the Common Core Standards are linked to this too!


Guess this website is more versatile than I thought (used this in my last assignment post). In this section of the website, it provides not only class uses for the strategies, but real world applications, which seem to stick better with students.

Council for Learning Disabilities

In looking into this website, the strategies they have explained were in depth and covered all the pre, post, and in progress reading activities in the classroom. It covered common classroom situations for students with different learning disabilities.

Hopefully, this small compilation of websites sparks an even larger search for you and your teaching career, who you may be.