HockeyApp + Seismic (Android)

or how to see your coworkers reporting issues shaking devices…

These are two cool libraries and powerful that you can introduce in your future apps.

Hockeyapp: Alternative to Google Alpha/Beta Tester. It’s a pay tool with a powerful function. Only integrating the SDK, everyone with your testing app can send you an issue only pushing a button. The SDK open an issue form to fill.

But to do this cooler, We are going to use Seismic with Hockeyapp.

Seismic: One of thousand libraries of Jake Wharton. This library allows you do something when someone is shaking the device.

The idea is when someone shake the device, automatically open the issue form.

Integrating Hockeyapp

  • Add this to your manifest:
<activity android:name="" />
<activity android:name="" />
  • Open the activity from which you want to show the feedback view.
  • Add the following method:
public void showFeedbackActivity() {
FeedbackManager.register(this, HOCKEYAPP_ID, null);
  • The param APP_ID has to be replaced by your app’s identifier.

Integrating Seismic

  • Add in your implement “ShakeDetector.Listener” and add the following method:
public void hearShake(){
//this function is from HockeyApp
  • Finally add in your onCreate():
SensorManager sensorManager = (SensorManager) getSystemService(SENSOR_SERVICE);
ShakeDetector sd = new ShakeDetector(this);

So, with these two libraries you can enjoy (or not) watching to your coworkers doing rare things…

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