Re: the Rainbow “M”
Matthew Newsome

You say it’s not about your opinion on Pride Month, and that’s not true. You are demanding Medium to ignore Pride Month, to take a position on a matter affecting millions around the globe, being treated — if lucky — as second class citizens, or being imprisoned or killed.

When you ask Medium to use their platform in a way you think is best, you are denying their right to use their platform, and also asking them to align with you in the way they should address that matter.

In Pride Month, silencing your voice or ignoring the matter, is adding your consent to the oppression LGTB people is suffering from people who feel entitled to judge on the lifes of others.

I understand you don’t like it — because otherwise you hadn’t write this— but please, at least don’t try to recruit Medium in your 
cowardice by perpetuating oppression and denying Human Rights, and characterising it as neutrality.