Listening to yourself

What kind of person are you? People who take care other people or people that consider yourself rather than other? Several people might think why we have to take care other stuff meanwhile yourself not even one care with it.

Is this betraying your inner peace or values? Are we people following usual situation rather than break it and show yourself! Well, i do not recommend people to break the law and do something that over the borders!!! Please be minded before your acts.

Poeple has dreams and imaginations that they want to achieve. Those have to be yourself, not the others, not your friends, brothers or sisters. It is yours mate. Defining your dreams would helpful for yourself!

What kind of skills or dreams you want achieve? What kind of lessons that you need to achieve those?? Will you ever reach it if you just stand still or do not care about it? While other people push their dream through you, why you cannot go fulfil your dream?

Is there anything wrong in this place? Do human has same opportunities? Well, as a person i would give opportunities for people play and achieve their dreams. As a leader, let them be their self, while trying to go there, is that possible?

Responsibilities would be important aspects that will be related to this writing, before fulfilling yourself, have you done your responsibilities? But i said achieving your goals. Well, every human has to take care those stuff first!!! But….

There is no but, it is only your willingness to do it, or go with it!!!