She must be talking to herself …

There she stands in all her glory. The Statue of Liberty, the universal symbol of freedom and democracy, welcoming all immigrants arriving from abroad.

A UNESCO world heritage sight, she has been described as a “masterpiece of the human spirit that endures as a highly potent symbol — inspiring contemplation, debate and protest — of ideals such as liberty, peace, human rights, abolition of slavery, democracy and opportunity.”

What must she think of Donald Trump?

Considering all the vile and vicious garbage that flows freely and unchecked from those pouty lips of his, and all his ugly promises of what he’ll do once elected, it’s obvious he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what she represents.

But what about the members of the GOP who, even though they said they wouldn’t support him, have now shown the entire world that they haven’t got the backbone to stand up to him? Do they need a refresher course?

And what about the media who have covered his every move, who have broadcast his putrid message of hatred, disdain, misogyny, prejudice, racism and defamatory lies over and over and over and over and over and over again, giving him billions of dollars in free publicity, helping him reach more and more Americans; a frighteningly large number of whom, God help us all, think he’s the second coming, and may very well vote him right into the White House.

What must she be thinking of all of this?

Because one thing is certain. If he gets elected, she’ll be out of a job. There won’t be any immigrants to welcome, the Donald will see to that. And the very values America was founded upon, the very values that have made it the greatest, most powerful nation on earth, the very values that have attracted millions of foreigners in search of the American dream will cease to exist.

How has this happened?

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