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It’s interesting to see the digital environment change. Our scientific, technical, economic and commercial knowledge is growing daily in order to meet specific requirements or business objectives. Interactive, statistic data systems are growing as well. New models and theories for direct manipulation of visual data analyses are developed as we speak. Lots of data is up for grabs, but companies don’t know what to do with it. We, as digital professionals, can do something about it. …

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D3 visualization by Trendviz

Nowadays we track everything. We track our daily routines with our mobile devices and everything we interact with through our social media accounts. We’re in the era of big data. Some of this data is stored online and it’s up for grabs. However, massive amounts of data are boring if we don’t visualize it. These kind of visuals could be helpful to get insights, create awereness or optimize anything. So I started to dig into the D3 library to create my first visualizations.

As creative front-end developer I love to discover new tools. When I first heard about D3.js I couldn’t wait to get started. I have always been fascinated by data. I really got inspired by the work of Clever Franke. They’re creating amazing visuals with D3 and Three.js. …


Frans Oudelaar

Front end developer at

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