Fastest Growing Chicken Franchises in India


Chicken is the utmost consumed non-vegetarian dish in the world. Mostly due to the taste, the fact of dishes that can be made with Chicken and accessibility. Over the past decade, the chicken market in India has grown at a speedy rate. A lot of multinational chicken chains have arrived the market and piercing in urban areas. The drawback with those chains is abundant, the most significant being the taste that does not suit the taste sprouts of India. At the chicken, the company have made the flawless blend of chicken dishes by accumulating up the cultural Indian flavours to it.

What made you endeavour into the Indian market?

India has an ironic culinary culture and love for great superiority food. With The Chicken Company, Gopi’s chicken, US Pizza & Fried Chicken, Apunka Chicken Adda, etc. the heritage in the chicken category, united with its adamant pursuit of serving only great-tasting and superior quality food, Few have faith in that our brand will resonate sound with the Indian market; expressly among the millennial population who are always on the lookout for exciting and bold food practices and hassle-free service to match their gradually busy lifestyles.

In the last few years, the expectation for superiority in India has gone up and the culinary borders have come down. The timing for India market entry is right as there’s an extensive runway ahead for growth.

Will there be any modification in the menu as you are a chicken engrossed brand?

A virtuous understanding of the local culture in every country is indispensable to Chicken’s triumph in Intercontinental markets. One of our key success aspects for speedy growth in Asian markets is magnate’s tactic of striking the poise between upholding our brand’s international menu standards while incorporating a local sense of taste. We classically introduce 5 to 10 novel products on a yearly basis in every country to accommodate the ever-evolving tastes.

Widespread research on menu plan will be steered to the finest understand and accommodate to Indian customers’ food penchants. Inordinate tasting vegetarian offerings are an obligation for India as this is a significant part of India’s food philosophy. Overall it is prodigious taste, sparkle, novel taste profiles, culinary adventurism and audacious flavours that will entice guests to visit The Chicken Company, Gopi’s chicken, US Pizza & Fried Chicken, Apunka Chicken Adda, etc. Chicken bistros. Superiority and diversity of the menu range endure the significant reasons why we are the topmost restaurant brand choice among visitors.

What will be your publicizing tactic for the market?

It is about staying accurate to our tactic of making prodigious food experiences that guests love. We also place great prominence on steadiness in superiority, and incessant innovation to safeguard we deliver the finest value and taste to our patrons. Constant investigation and understanding of the local cultures will be decisive to address the ever-growing preferences of our visitors.

We conceit ourselves on being a reliable brand in the chicken industry, where patrons are always certain of being aided the best chicken in the world. As such, optimistic word-of-mouth is significant to our triumph in the region and we sturdily inspire this through active assignation on social media and in-restaurant service/merchandising.

Local restaurant publicizing is executed extensively to drive pilot, expressly for novel restaurants. To accommodate to local taste penchants and Asian patrons’ fondness for trying novel flavours, many are launching as many as 10 novel products yearly to create novel news for their brand. The famous saying “It’s Crux Time” emphasises meals that are flavourful, new, crunchy that permit you, your friends and your household to outflow the day-to-day strains of life.

When to enter the Indian market with the Franchise model? What are the standards you are looking for the partner?

India has an incredible growth opportunity and we seek to shape a long term, maintainable business here with like-minded franchisees who segment our beliefs in brilliance, insistent quality standards and guests-focused tactics. We are in the preliminary stages of deliberations with concerned parties and the retort we have had so far has been incredible.

Which can be the target cities there in your radar for Franchise?

We work very meticulously with our franchisees to recognize target cities and develop enlargement strategies. With the constant urbanization of India, there are plenty of choices. We will study the market broadly to shape our development tactic. With the end goal to wisely select cities and locations that drive the evolution of the brand and aid our franchisees to build a lucrative, justifiable and ascendable enterprise.

Is there any precise number of restaurants one must look at?

The number of restaurants will be mounted in accordance with the market expansion studies and franchisees volume for growth. Eventually, we are dedicated to building a maintainable, money-making and ascendable business model with our franchisees.

What is should be your enlargement plan both worldwide and in India?

Asia-Pacific and the Middle East are the fastest mounting regions of the company. We have effectively launched the brand in 10 novel countries in a very short stint. In the Asia Pacific, The Chicken Company, Gopi’s chicken, US Pizza & Fried Chicken, Apunka Chicken Adda, has grown-up from a one country business to numerous countries in a very brief time. The healthy and maintainable evolution speaks volumes of the brand’s forte and popularity. The Chicken Company, Gopi’s chicken, US Pizza & Fried Chicken, Apunka Chicken Adda, Chicken’s advance is mostly fuelled by the fast-growing evolving markets, quick urbanisation and extension of middle-class patrons in countries where chicken is the favoured meat.

The next wave of county expansion includes other Asian countries like Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines.

In terms of worldwide markets, which is your top execution country. In terms of proceeds and footfalls. Top worldwide markets are Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and UAE

The certified thing? Is your chicken halal in midden eastern nations?

Many of the renowned chicken franchise restaurants and menu are certified in countries with a large population.

Will your products be halal in the local market?

Having the competences to serve Halal menu and will device it in accordance with local market favourites aftermarket studies are directed.

The most prevalent white Meats is Chicken. It is the Utmost delicious Non-vegetarian Choice. Apart from being a delightful product, The Chicken Co. wants you to recognize the health benefits allied with consuming Chicken. Chicken is a Rich Source of Phosphorus, Protein, And Vitamin B12, Chicken Lifts Metabolism and also it is a Natural Anti Depressant. Eating chicken helps avert bone loss and helps to progress the resistant function.

Now one can delight the utmost loved fried or a Grilled chicken with flavours of Indian spices. Many oblige a range of Indian pizzas, meal rolls, kebabs, pasta, Burgers etc. in the most ground-breaking manner. We at the chicken company smugly say that ‘

Serve Western food with Indian touch

The Chicken Company, Gopi’s chicken, US Pizza & Fried Chicken, Apunka Chicken Adda, is very vibrant on this front: If you’re discerning of getting a restaurant exclusively because it’s an upright investment, or because it could help you changeover to something else down the way, then the company isn’t absorbed in letting you run one of its restaurants. Instead, according to its website, The Chicken Company, Gopi’s chicken, US Pizza & Fried Chicken, Apunka Chicken Adda, franchise prospect requires that the individual be free of any other vigorous business ventures and function the restaurant on a full-time, hands-on foundation.”

This philosophy may add The Chicken Company, Gopi’s chicken, US Pizza & Fried Chicken, Apunka Chicken Adda, reach its latent at each site, but it also means that you won’t be able to slog on any other sort of ventures. It’s not a reflexive income stream, it’s not a share of your portfolio, The Chicken Company, Gopi’s chicken, US Pizza & Fried Chicken, Apunka Chicken Adda, insists on being your sole attention.


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