My Morning Jacket Go Psychedelic On “The Waterfall”

Album Grade: B

My Morning Jacket’s newest album, “The Waterfall” is a perfect example of an album that grows on you. I honestly started to write a review for this earlier today, but than after a couple of more listens, had to completely start over. Elvis was right when he said, “Fools rush in.” Especially when it comes to reviewing albums.

The thing that tripped me up on initial listen was how different this sounded compared to other My Morning Jacket albums. Much like the Alabama Shakes, Jim James and crew decided to go in a bit more experimental direction. No, that doesn’t mean “Highly Suspicious” experimental. This is more of a psychedelic trip.

So while I enjoyed listening to this album, it threw me off at first. This sounded more Simon and Garfunkel than My Morning Jacket. What I didn’t pick up on until the second and third listen was all of the trademark My Morning Jacket sounds sprinkled throughout. “Like a River” carries Jim James’s flawless falsetto, “Tropics (Erase Traces)” has the signature guitar licks that you’d expect from the band, and you won’t get a better one-two punch on an album this year than “Thin Line” into “Big Decisions.”

Overall, it was tough to review this album. I’ve heard My Morning Jacket both rock my face and slow things down to a folky tune. This is somewhere in-between, mixed with a side of experimental sounds. It was something new, but something I liked. Liked as much as past MMJ albums? Time will have to tell. Give it a listen below. Then give it another couple of listens. It’s the best way to consume “The Waterfall.”