Ringo Starr: His Top 10 Songs

Ringo Starr was rightfully inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this past weekend. Though he’s often thought of as the least talented Beatle, there is no shame in being less talented than Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and John Fucking Lennon. Ringo has had his fare share of gems, and we rank them below. Cause that’s apparently what blogs do now.

10. Yellow Submarine

Cause we all do live in a Yellow Submarine. Think about it. Ok, so maybe it doesn’t make any sense. The song is catchy though.

9. Back Off Boogaloo

I never met Boogaloo, but this guy seriously needs to chill out. Just back off, dude.

8. Goodnight Vienna

So what that John Lennon technically wrote this song for him? It’s still a Ringo track.

7. Good Night

Cause Ringo serenading us all was the only way to end the White Album that made any sense.

6. Octopus’s Garden

“I wrote a song about an octopus!”

5. Don’t Pass Me By

Often forgotten Ringo song from the White Album. Not sure why, cause it’s catchy as hell.

4. Photograph

Try not to smile while watching Ringo perform this at the “Concert for George.”

3. It Don’t Come Easy

Try not to smile watching Ringo perform this with George at the “Concert for Bangladesh.”

2. I Wanna Be Your Man

Paul and John decided to give this song to the Rolling Stones and to Ringo Starr. That’s good company.

1. With A Little Help From My Friend

Cause let’s face it. Ringo got by with a little help from his friends.* But doesn’t mean he’s not the man. Congrats on the induction, Ringo!

*Paul McCartney
*George Harrison
* John Lennon

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