Why Has Dating Become My Other Full Time Job?
Christine Trapani

what a terrific read on dating. Ive just entered the dating world after 34. I joined Match at the beginning of the year and was pretty excited at the likes I got. I’m now going on my 3rd month and I’m ready to quit it. You email these guys that like you and then they don’t answer back. you set up a date and they cancel. you get a really nice response from him and then the next email is so over the top it’s overwhelming. I do agree that you have to put yourself out there and I have with a few men. So far I have not had emails back from them and they did read it, so then I start to say whats wrong with me. But you are right Christine, you don’t know them well enough to be upset. So I am plugging on. It is work though and sometimes I just don’t want to have to work that hard at it. Ill keep you posted.

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