Lots of migrations recently.
Lots of major migrations.

Migrating to React v15.5 is a good preparation for the full embrace of React v16 (:scream), and it wasn’t too much of a pain as it was mostly with React.PropTypes deprecation and some other API deprecations.

react-router v4 is a different case.
It is almost exactly a new way working with the routes. Everything now is a component. The authors explained. Now you have Inclusive/Exclusive routes, that in some way you don’t have to pass {this.props.children} anyway. …

I was tempted to just switch over to google compute engine where I can get a(maybe two) VM and set up SSL/TLS with seemingly hassle-free configuration given that the configuration of initialising a VM being very straight-forward (with vast images available). And I could even set one up hosting my Neo4j database. Hmmmmm. Cost is a problem, whilst it is not that much of a big deal on GCP but still, while you are developing hobby project I would prefer some more straight-forward methods with minimal cost (so that I can see the value and pay in the future)

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