jQuery, ReactJS and Higher Order Components

Supposing you just started using ReactJS and you write a component like this:

Wrong Component — a lof of jQuery inside this component

It may work. Is it appropriate ? First of all, we are using a lot of jQuery, probably we don't need it. We can do it in a React way.

First try: Let's move everything to componentDidMount

This is the code you can see at the beginning. Supposing you had this component as a jQuery component, the first thing which came to your mind is this idea: move everything to componentDidMount. But using this we still having a lot of jQuery code, we have just moved to the componentDidMount. Not a big deal.

Second try: Create a function

The other idea you have: Ok, I've heard it's not really cool using jQuery in my React components, let's try to take out some jQuery code. I will create a listener to my window element. And then you have some code like this:

How can I do it better?

Third try: Managing state

Our jQuery is handling something it should not do: state.

React handles state for us very well. This is something we may do when we are using jQuery with React: we tend to imagine things not in the react way, jQuery may help us to do the things in a non-react-way. I'm not really saying you should not use jQuery at all. I'd say, you can do it just using React.

In our component, we are showing a div depending on the scrollTop position. Here scroll is our state.

Supposing your component knows a everything about scroll, what if we would like to re-use the same scroll behaviour for others components?

Fourth try: Creating a Higher Order Component

A higher-order component is just a function that takes an existing component and returns another component that wraps it.

You can read more about it here. The idea is: this component wraps our WrongComponent giving to our WrongComponent a scroll state and some listeners.

Higher Order Component

Right now, you have a HigherOrderComponent and we can re-use this in our last component. Good things here:

  • Reusability
  • Pass arbitrary props to the wrapped component

We are trying to do the things more in a React way which is good. Our code is much better readable, state is managing by React and we can re-use the scroll behaviour in others components.

At a glance:

  • Avoid using jQuery
  • Pay attention on handling state for your React components
  • Try composition when you can, it can probably give you more ideas and can help on reusability
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