Introvert to Extrovert….

I am boring person or you can call me Introvert person. Maybe one of the biggest reason is the big mole in my face that every time I go out everyone is looking at my face as if something is wrong with me. I’m not ashamed of my mole I just don’t want people looking at me. That’s why my home and school are just my life (I’m not that smart I’m just average in school). Going out is not my thing. Watching TV, listening to music ang chatting with my family and relatives are enough for me to make my day happy.
When I was young (I’m not saying I’m old I’m still 28 still young) I’m dreaming of simple life.. When I said simple,  I’m referring just to complete my study and find a job just near in our town (I did not even think of big wages and high position). I did, I fulfilled my dream to finish my study and having a job just near our town and it only lasted for 2 years because something unexpectedly came about to change my perspective in life.
The company that I work for changed some rules and one of this is to reshuffle the employee. We need to move to another branch every after six months. I didn’t expect that on my next assignment to be too far in our home and that I would first experience in my life to board a plane. At first, I’m hesitate to move but the day passed it became easy for me to adjust to people, to the place and to my job and co-workers also. I was happy working out of my comfort zone. I have experienced exploring the beauty of the Philippines (still not all yet I’m still planning for other places). The Beaches, the Churches, the white sand, eating different food, talking with other people and a lot more. Every places which I’ve been to even I’m away from my family I’m trying to be fun and to be make it memorable and worth it. In that moment I realized something that “The only thing we’ll ever take with us is the memories we create, so we’re supposed to enjoy every second.”