Hi François,
Michael S. Fischer

Hi Michael,

Thanks for following :)

It’s not about reliability on dummy interface, it’s perfect (and not very documented), it’s about multiple things i discover after trying to go from my solution (docker bridge, with dependancy problem), to the dummy interface solution :

  • All configuration have to be modified as consul/vault/nomad/fabio/etc, expect to see consul (& more) on loopback.
  • I was doubtful about offering to all containers a “direct” access to consul (even with acls)
  • Dummy interface need a kernel module… even it’s ok with systemd (automaticaly loaded), it can be a problem on other systems
  • When i found my solution with haproxy & cie, i found it more adapted for my usage, and give me more triggers for future :)

As always, every solution have problems… but it’s depend on who is using it, and why ;)

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