Test the Water

I often find myself formulating pseudo-journalistic stories while I walk to work. I’ll pause podcasts (likely either Immutable or Developer Tea) or music just to finish a thought. So here I am, either to clear or my head or to subject you to my squander.


Forbes has a great article on the perks of keeping a blog, especially for people with career changes or advancement in mind. Most importantly for me, author Dan Reich points this out:

Ideas are a dime a dozen. They exist as some lofty, grandiose thing that lives in your head and your head alone. When you talk about those ideas they begin to make more sense…Having a blog is a great outlet to force your brain into a laser-focused state of mind.


I have a lot of things to talk about, but I’ll try not to talk about my life. I have nothing against personal blogs (my girlfriend, her sister, my sister, and just about all of my friends). I’ll try to stick to tech, design, and music (I’ve tried to spare the internet my political ideology since Obama’s reelection).

Perhaps most importantly, brevity. As a designer, nothing quite irks me like excessive copy. So I’ll try to err on the side of brevity.