It’s time to go back to hindering Jinder[ing].

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The Jinder experiment has failed. We all can agree on this. Yes it’s elevated a talent above jobber level but he just doesn’t feel main event (minus the entrance, more on that later). It’s time to drop the experiment and find a better role for him.

Back in May when he won the WWE Championship from the stale Randy Orton I was surprisingly for it. I actually was interested in the booking and to see where they are gonna go with Jinder Mahal. I honestly believed that they could pull it off to make him a main event level talent. Now I won’t deny that he has been elevated and has gained credibility from his rise to the top, it’s just that it feels so forced and unoriginal; something it should definitely not feel like.

WWE had the opportunity to build a new star in Jinder (and like I said they kind of have done this to an extent), have him after Wrestlemania slowly build up over time gaining wins and make him a credible threat to Ortons championship reign. I would have been a fantastic rags to riches story. It could still have kept him heel, just make it so he cheats (like he does now) but have him also have some legitimate wins over talent and build him up to eventually take the title from Orton.

They could have had him feuding with someone like Sami Zayn, a series of back and forth matches which will put Jinder over in the end, but a high profile feud like that could elevate both of them if booked correctly. Have him go on to lose to Orton on an episode of Smackdown but put in an impressive showing. So much so he is entered into the number 1 contenders Battle Royal, a match that he wins. Have him become number one contender in the run up to SummerSlam. Over the next few weeks have him defeat each person that was in the battle royal to gain even more credibility. At SummerSlam Jinder dominates Orton except Orton keeps finding a way to kick out, this is where the Singhs should have debuted. Jinder should have won then!

BUT instead he won it with little to no build.

His matches for a while were playing second fiddle to the US championship matches and the Tag Team Championship matches. Then later he was placed in the middle of the card when Owens took on Shane McMahon at Hell in a Cell. Not since CM Punk as WWE champion back in 2011/12 has a WWE champion been not the focus of the TV show they have been on (discounting Brock and his many absences).

His matches feel sub-par, he even got a bad match out of Nakamura. SHINSUKE NAKAMURA of all people. Kenny Omega got a better match out of a 9 year old girl in DDT in Japan than Jinder did with Nakamura at SummerSlam.

Dolph Ziggler should not be feuding with Roode over being all entrance no ring talent, it should be Jinder he is feuding with. His entrance screams star. From the way the Singh brothers introduce him to the music to the floor trons which replicate a red carpet. It is a main event entrance, while is ring work is more like main event the WWE network only “c” show.

I will give Jinder credit though, he has worked his ass off to get where he is right now; him as a person, he deserves it. But it was rushed. They could save it though. Have him drop down to the mid card and have a run as US champ, that would suit him perfectly right now. Allow him to improve in the ring but not have the pressure of carrying the brand, then once he has improved and gained credibility as a good worker then push him back up the card.

WWE need to admit that the experiment hasn’t worked. Network subscriptions in India have actually dropped while he has been champion, the exact opposite to what they wanted.

I want to like Jinder, I really do. But right now I have no reason to car about his matches because they are all the same. WWE must end his run as champion soon and drop him down and allow someone else a run at the top.

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