What’s your ‘sweet spot’?

Hello hello.

I’ve been hibernating for too long and I’ve recognised that I’ve been feeling the need to share again so here I am.

I left my job a couple of weeks ago. It was time for change. They always say you have to let something go, in order to attract more of what you want in your life. Is it really that simple? Well there is only one way to find out.

So after catching up on some much needed sleep and treating myself to daytime hot decadent baths it was time to reflect on what I wanted in my life. Not easy in a world of carefully curated lives we all follow social media. Comparing our lives to others is a sure fire way to pressing an unnecessary self destruct button. Don’t do it!

Words like balance, calm, long walks with my dog seemed a good starting point. I started a hot ‘bikram’ yoga class a short walk away from the house. Again feeding the need for ‘self care’.

In this class the teacher often mentions finding your ‘sweet spot’. This got me thinking. Have you ever asked yourself what your sweet spot looks like? You know the thing that really makes you feel that sense of achievement and acknowledging all your hard work?

Mine is more of an idea than an actual thing. The more I allow myself to be authentically me; well the more startling the results. So for me my sweet spot is recognising that it’s OK to be me. I do have the answers to most of the questions I will ever ask.

So have a think. What is your sweet spot? Find it and never let it out of your sight. Have a good weekend folks….

Always, Earnest x

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