My Life With a Pre-Existing Condition
The Nib

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Health care is a defining issue of our time, but in the passions of debate we often ignore a basic conflict. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act did nothing to address the affordability of medical care; it was all about who foots the bill. The ACA increased coverage at the cost of higher premiums and expanded public spending. Current proposals seek to limit costs, public and private, with the risk that some people will face reduced coverage. Neither is right nor wrong, and the arguments will continue to rage until we find a mythical formula to provide infinite medical treatment at lower costs…

R vs D finger-pointing does nothing to advance the discussion; managing our individual and collective health is ultimately a non-partisan problem. There are trade-offs and there are potential solutions, but there will be no resolution so long as we fail to recognize that the costs of unlimited health care are rising faster than our willingness to pay.

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