Do you have a clear goal for your life? …That is a pity

So..How many time you have been asked about your life goals, your expectations? To me this happened hundreds of time.. and I can tell that at least for 90 of those times I gave a different answer.

Why so? … I wish i know, if you are a really emotional person, it is impossible to stick with one feeling and one goal, I got super excited a lot of times about something new, and this makes my longterm goals different almost every 2/3 months..

Of course I have value, we all have them, we have a lifestyle we would like to live as much as possible, but having a clear target is what makes you feel more secure? For me, I don’t know exactly where it comes from, but I change my goals a lot, and I mean really a lot.

Most of the times what drives me are my passions, and actually I am super happy to not knowing what I want to be in 10 years from now.

I have huge passions that drive me goals:

  1. Traveling: travel is what make us grow and meet people that will shape our life, I try to travel as much as possible.
  2. Innovation: I have the habit to fall in love with every kind of innovation, everything that solves (or at least tries..) a problem in a different and innovative way has my complete and unconditional love.
  3. FOOD..I am I have to explain why?

Sometimes one of this passions drive me to take decisions, but after a while I completely change them, that helped me to live in 5 different cities in 5 years, and now I’m planning (will see for how long it will last…) to quit with my job and start traveling around South America and working with startups/accelerators so I’ll be finally able to be in touch with two of my greatest passions at once.

But the point of this post is… is it good to have a clear goal that maybe will freeze you and your ability to see things that go on a different path? How do you keep the excitement if the goal doesn’t change, if the life does not change?

SO..I prefer have my backpack always ready and see where my passions will bring me!

Let me know how do you live your life goals! :)

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