Making GO-JEK App Fairer & Safer, for Everyone

Drivers are the backbone of GO-JEK. Our Drivers work hard day and night to safely deliver customers, food, and more to millions of customers.

Internally we have new tech & ops teams purely dedicated to ensuring that these honest, and hardworking Drivers are (1) safe and (2) fairly treated. Over the last few months, we’ve been listening to Driver’s feedback and working on some deep tech to solve their pain-points.

Fake GPS ‘Tuyul’ Problem

Fake GPS is one of example that are used across ours and similar platforms to get an unfair advantage:

  • Some Drivers download this app to customise the design of their apps.
  • While some others downloaded another apps under the belief that it gives them an advantage against other Drivers.

But the reality is, this behavior ultimately hurt the Drivers who download these enhancements.

Photo credit: publicly posted by @gojek24jam. Not affiliated with GO-JEK.

Why fake GPS is actually bad for our Drivers

(1) Driver’s data is not safe

Installing the modded applications might expose Driver’s private data to unwanted parties. The people who made these apps can steal Driver’s personal information and know Driver’s wallet balance.

These modded applications are not developed by GO-JEK. They are developed by unknown 3rd parties, and are often free to use. Which means that you are giving data to unregulated parties:

“When the product is free, you are the product.”

(2) Driver’s performance suffers because customers suffer

Long term, Fake GPS negates Driver’s ratings & performance! Fake GPS misleads Driver’s customers on Driver’s actual locations. Customers then get annoyed that they have to wait longer, and end up canceling on drivers.

Getting Drivers off of Fake GPS

At GO-JEK fake GPS & other enhancements are not allowed. GO-JEK developed advanced technology that can detect when drivers are using this Fake GPS App.

Going forward, we’re safely rolling out initiatives to help drivers get off of this self-harming platform.

How it works

Over the course of the next few months, drivers who use fake GPS will be notified that GO-JEK can detect Fake GPS app usage in Driver’s phone.

We truly believe our driver partner upholds the value of honesty, thus, at this stage we don’t want to punish our drivers.

We’re giving driver ample warning & time to uninstall these apps.

And only if drivers refuse to remove Fake GPS / other enhancements, do we then proceed with additional disincentives, like removing fraudulent drivers’ bonuses. If Drivers continues to use Fake GPS, then we might give sanction in form of suspension that can possibly lead to termination.

Public feedback for a recent campaign that was rolled out in Jakarta

Ultimately, we want our platform to be a clean fair and honest platform for everyone

Our driver’s comfortability in doing their daily job is a top priority for us. Hence, we always try to listen to their aspirations and make it happen through advancing our technology.

In order to support fairness on our platform, we will launch #HapusTuyul Campaign. This will help enable all of our hardworking and honest drivers to help millions of Indonesians in everyday of their life.


Email us anytime at to give feedback.


Follow up on future campaigns via #HapusTuyul and our driver ops blog.

GO-JEK Fraud Busters

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Ensuring product integrity & crazy growth at GO-JEK

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