Highly unlikely.
Kady M.

?? Not one bit.

For driving a response with such certainty as “highly unlikely” I would expect you to at least support your claim with more than speculation and opinion.

Hunter gathers lounged most of the day. Pretty undisputed fact among anthropologists not sure what you are reading.

An entire article citing five different books citing Hunter Gatherer Leisure, with some quotes below:

“the old idea of how agriculture led civilization to more leisure time is positively absurd”

“the hardest possible life for a hunter-gatherer compares favorably to the most leisured life one can expect in the world’s most wealthy industrial­ized societies.”

Plus an extraction from an essay by Anthropologist Marshall Sahlins:

“ethnographic data indicates that hunter-gatherers worked far fewer hours and enjoyed more leisure than typical members of industrial society, and they still ate well.”

More articles & quotes:

“Experts who have studied modern hunter-gatherer societies estimate that most members of these communities spend about 3–5 hours a day working”

Discussions about it on Reddit

More about it on Wikipedia

Cited by Yuval Noah Harari, author of SAPIENS

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