Why I Quit Twitter, a List

After 12 years and over 41,700 tweets, I’ve deactivated my Twitter account. Here’s a few reasons why.

  • It made me unhappy.
  • It made people around me unhappy.
  • It helped elect Donald Trump and continues to give him a platform to ruin the world.
  • Its interface is designed to make people fight.
  • Jack.
  • Its leadership doesn’t seem to know the first thing about human beings or communities or how people think or feel or talk.
  • Its leadership has delusions of governance that they use as an excuse to not moderate their community.
  • Alex Jones.
  • Every interview with Jack shows that he has no grasp of the how to fix problems or what the problems even are.
  • I’ve lost faith that it’ll ever improve.
  • It’s like a vacuum, sucking up every word I have to type, leaving very few words for other places. I’d like to put more words other places.
  • The ads.
  • I don’t like being reduced to the filler in between the ads.
  • They fucked their third party developers, including Tweetbot, my favorite client.
  • The out-of-order timeline.
  • Nazis. Literally, nazis. If you can’t boot nazis off your service, you have no business running anything.
  • The generally shitty way people treat each other on Twitter makes me lose hope in humanity, and without that hope I basically can’t function.
  • How the generally shitty way people treat each other on Twitter has warped expectations for what is allowable behavior online.
  • I feel like I’ve spent over a decade thinking about what Twitter was doing wrong and how Twitter could be fixed, when I should have been thinking about other ways online community could form and thrive. Quitting will, hopefully, help me focus on that.
  • The metrics of likes and retweets were addictive. I don’t like feeling like an addict.
  • The realization that Twitter is just the comment section of a news article, without the news article.
  • Again, Donald Trump. I don’t want to have anything in common with that festering, semi-sentient pile of racist garbage. Now I have one less thing in common with him, at least.
  • What happened to James Gunn.
  • The person who tweeted at me “LOL WTF” today as I was trying to say something nice and supportive to a friend in mourning.
  • The constant stream of outrage. I understand the importance of screaming into a pillow now and again, but if you do it too much you’re gonna need a new pillow.
  • Their community malpractice. I’ve been building communities online for a long time. I can’t be part of a place that does it this badly.
  • It made me unhappy. And 2018 has more than enough unhappiness already.

Digital community, analog farming. Social media design, photos of goats and chickens. Author of "Design for Community," teller of stories. Mostly harmless.

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