Don’t Be A Dick

A meditation on practical kindness

Dear Reader,

First off the bat my profound thanks for taking the time to read this for the next few minutes.

Secondly, congratulations.

Sincerely, congratulations for being alive and sentient at all. It may seem trite but that is a truly remarkable and wonderful thing.

If you believe in God(s), my sincere congratulations to him, her or them for their remarkable work.

If, as I, you don’t, remember that you are already in the ultimate VIP section of life.

The sheer blind odds of any of us being alive is staggering, and as I say to my kids frequently- all of the tiniest pieces of all the universes that ever were came together to make you the unique, perfect version of you. You are made of stars.

There can never be another one of you in the seven billion people on this blue dot, and you are capable of staggering, beautiful things every day.


Don’t Be A Dick.

We have all been dicks countless times, whether we have intended to or not. That’s ok. Let’s try not to be whenever possible from now on.

Don’t be a dick to yourself- don’t burden yourself too much with worrying about what’s already been, and what’s to come. That’s pretty much the root of ‘living in the now’ and a key tenet of mindfulness which takes constant practice, but the reality is the same- Don’t Be A Dick.

Being kind to yourself is not the same as being selfish. It’s absolutely vital, and until you can be kind to yourself you are destined to be a dick to yourself, and everyone else multiple times over and over again.

Don’t be a dick to your family, friends and colleagues by being in a better place and being empathetic and kind rather than reactive.

Don’t carry your frustration on your shoulders, and lash out with a sense of injustice at the world which has somehow treated you unfairly. Everyone is going through all manner of things, and as much as you are unique and remarkable, so is everyone else.

Tiny acts of kindness are revolutionary, so let’s try and put as many of them out into the world as we possibly can.

Here’s the not so bad news. You will be a dick again. As will I. When you are a dick, acknowledge it and try not to be a dick the next time. I’ll try to do the same.


That’s it.

Be kind, thoughtful, curious, empathetic, and full of joy whenever you can.

And when you can manage it, Don’t Be A Dick.

With love x