Boris Vallejo Science Fantasy Art Paintings

Boris Vallejo is an American painter, immigrated to the United States in 1964, and he currently resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He frequently works with Julie Bell, his wife, painter, and model. Boris Vallejo art is never schematic, flat or lifeless. Unlike any other fantasy artist, he keeps finding more and more ways of tantalizing his public.

His inventiveness and versatility seem to know no bounds. In fact he has not left a single domain of fantasy art untouched. Boris is as familiar with the heroic postures of barbarian warriors as with the poetic ambience of a mysteriously romantic landscape o the frightening sight of bizarre creatures from an alien world. I hope you like these Boris Vallejo Science fantasy art paintings.

As a Science fiction art, Vallejo works almost exclusively in the fantasy and erotica genres. His hyper-representational paintings have graced the covers of dozens of science fiction paperbacks and are featured in a series of best-selling glossy calendars.

Subjects of his paintings are typically gods, monsters, and well-muscled male and female barbarians engaged in battle. Some of his male figures were modeled by Vallejo himself, and many of his later female characters were modeled by his wife. His latest works still retain heavy fantasy elements, but lean more towards the erotic rather than pure fantasy themes. For more information visit the site

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