Modern Comic Book Artist

Those who are generically called comic book artists originate from disparate origins, and each often displays work of completely distinct and different styles. What every successful comic artist has in common, though, is the ability to Frank Frazetta art tells a story using images and short bursts of succinct yet impactful words. Some artists even write their own narrative and dialogue, while others pair up with a writer, but either way, compelling and effective storytelling is a must.

One of the most authentic twenty some things ever committed to Comic Art. At once self-assured yet nervous about his social interactions and encounters with Ramona Flowers, the girl who appears in dreams before he meets her, an enormously likeable character: droll and funny, spicing his conversation with pop culture references, finding inner depths, emotions and resources he never knew he had, as his slacking ways are rudely challenged by the small matter of defeating those evil ex-boyfriends. The six volume comic (part four was released this year), in case you’ve never picked it up, reflects Scott: it’s a mish-mash of styles and tones, mixing observational comedy with, say, videogame-inspired action scenes, with the accent zigzagging about berserk and joyously.

Technically, this was created, but we didn’t discover it until recent serialization/repackaging and I love it. We should Frank Frazetta note it took until the end of the first volume for me to get and world-hopping insurance-agent-as-detective series, but now I look forward to it more than any other. It was a time when they were trying to really establish the conventions and, in the process, told many stories like this one, where ends up in fantastical journeys involving globetrotting adventures and a gorilla that almost kills one of the world’s greatest superheroes. For more information, please visit our site