Designers Should Collaborate With Marketing and Business.

I’ll little share about my experience working outside design agency company. I work in a 2 star hotel, but I’m still working on the design field.

First time I’m in, working atmosphere obviously feels very different from the design agency, very terrible.

In here, I work in a shared space with admin staff. Something different if we work at design agency or technology company, we working together with developer or other creative tim.

In this hotel, there is no one "creative" people other than me. Also no-one marketing. No? Yes, you right. How can a company survive without marketing, damn good marketing? It’s another think, back to design.

Here (star hotels Two), I designing were far below the level I am. It does not matter, but the problem is I have to do lot of thing outside of my skills, like copy writing should be doing the marketing.

It would be very hard and the business does not run fast as expected. They are not aware about how important the design of the wheels of business. With design, income will grow up and brand will be awake.

The simple theory, the design is in the golden triangle business. Collaboration between designers, marketing, and business will accelerate the growth of the company well.

Often they (not the creative worker) underestimate about design. Our task designers to open their eyes about the actual design world. That design is not an easy job. Make an object invisible (ideas) into a real object (product).

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