I am contemplating school …

When I went to community college right out of high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I went to school simply because my parents told me I should and I had no other option. I got out of going to community college by accident. My first and only year of higher education was all paid for by FAFSA. Unfortunately, I failed a class in my second semester and no longer qualified for FAFSA. So in my second year I had to arrange a payment plan (while still not knowing what in the hell I was doing in school to begin with) I signed up for classes and in the first day of school I show up and realize that I was suppose to put a down payment after signing up for classes, clearly I didn’t do so. All the classes I had signed up for were now dropped and full so even if I paid that day I wasn’t going to get back in. I remember thinking, “my mom is going to kill me.” I called her and explained what happened, you can imagine she wasn’t very happy. I had a good job a that time. I was working at a hotel where I did room service, for an eighteen year old, I was making good money, approximately $800–1,000 every two weeks. I told my mom I would save and pay for school myself, but that’s not what happened. The spring semester came around and I was making good money that it didn’t make sense to go back nor did I have any idea what I wanted to go to school for. Five years later, I am now a freelance creative, a position in which I’ve been wanting for the past four years since I realized I wanted to follow a career in being creative. I have the audacity to say that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. In addition to being a freelance creative I have a minor role in a menswear boutique, Armitage & McMillan doing sales and creating content for social media. I love being a part of the shop as I feel like I’ve grown to be mentored by the owners, Darin & Daniel. Before opening their shop they worked for extraordinary people in the industry who have helped them shape their knowledge and build the connections needed to be a part of this industry. They are very smart about how to operate their business and I feel like they owe a lot of that they know to their resumes. That’s where I realized that I need to be somewhere, where I could learn the ropes more in depth.

I could touch the surface of all these topics online but not in depth.

My dear friend and business partner, Wade Novotny and I operate a fashion photography blog, A-W Project. A platform to share our stylistic ideas through fashion photography in editorial format. While we live in Denver, and realize that there is not much of a market to offer a creative service within fashion, we have came to a conclusion that we are going to create a publication. With the right distribution, you could operate a publication from anywhere. The creative aspect of creating a publication is there. The taste level is there, what isn’t there is the expertise of how to operate a business. In a digital age, print is not necessarily thriving but there are some publications that are still afloat and seem like are not going anywhere. That’s where I need to be.

Above: Today’s Archives (My current publication)

I need to be learning how a publication in a digital age thrives, how to operate a publication business, etc. All the ins and outs of a publication company are to be learned within. I could touch the surface of all these topics online but not in depth. That’s where going back to school comes in play. To get into these positions, a bachelors degree is required. While my parents would be delighted for me to go back to school I think if that’s really the route? Can I infiltrate my way in someway? Or should I go back to school, get a bachelors degree, intern, apply and get a position in a company I want to get into to learn the ropes, and then leave to start my own thing. That sounds like a lot of debt to go to school, a lot of time to finish school, finish school and get additional debt to relocate (as I would love to be a part of highsnobiety, hypebeast, Intelligence, etc) all not in Denver, learn & leave, additional debt to start a company, but at the end of that, I’ll have my own publication. Is that worth it all? Can I have my own publication without proper training? I don’t know … and really typing it all out and talking about it is what I need to throughly think about my future.