Only 5 Hours Away

Taos, New Mexico

Earlier this year, my buddy Wade and I took a road trip down to New Mexico to shoot an editorial for AW Project. I had been intrigued to visit New Mexico to shoot pictures while following Sean Brown, Creator of Needs&Wants, where him and his team went out and shot a lookbook on the white sands of New Mexico. I thought it’d be great to shoot an editorial where it gave the perspective of “the middle of no where.” I knew a couple coworkers of mine had family out in New Mexico so I asked what little town would be ideal for that type of scenery. My coworker recommended Taos, New Mexico so I simply got on Pinterest, found some great pictures of the town and was highly intrigued. I did some research on the town along with a good AirBnB to stay at and the date was set, May 13rd.

Visvim’s at Shiprock Santa Fe

We left at 6 a.m that Friday morning and arrived at Santa Fe, New Mexico at about 11 a.m with such hunger. We had breakfast at Ihop where Wade and I both had chicken and waffles, orange juice, and that delicious Ihop coffee. While elderly couples were having soup, and kids being told to finish their pancakes, Wade and I satisfied our hunger and set out to go visit Shiprock Sante Fe. We thought that if we were going to travel down to New Mexico we might as well visit this establishment as we had heard great things about it. (mainly because they cary Visvim) We arrived at Shiprock and had the worst experience there. As a consumer, the only request I set out is to simply be greeted, and acknowledge, unfortunately that wasn’t the case here. We looked at the Visvim stuff and we had forgot how pricy Visvim is at retail as we enjoy Japanese Proxies and Grailed. We left Shiprock empty handed and proceeded to walk around and checkout the other local establishments. While there was a surplus of navajo jewelry and rugs, there wasn’t a surplus of sleep. Since we were up early, been driving for 5–6 hours, and had been walking around checkin out the vicinity we thought it was time to head back up north to Taos where a nice cozy trailer was waiting for us.

Santa Fe, NM

We arrived at Taos, New Mexico at approximately 3 p.m where we were just exhausted but in awe with our AirBnB. Like I had mentioned we stayed in a trailer, a 1954 Silver Dome to be exact that Wade and I fell in love with. The trailer was so cozy and it had such great look to it that we shot three out of the five outfits for this particular editorial inside the trailer. After we shot the three outfits we ended up taking a nap of how exhausted we were. Being tired got to us and over slept a bit as we planned to get up by dawn to capture great silhouette shots. We ended up taking pictures of one more outfit before we ran out of sunlight. By this time it was 8 p.m, Wade and I only had Ihop for brunch so we set out to find a place to eat. I asked our AirBnB host of where a great place to get some food was and she responded with an answer I was quite shocked to recieve. She mentioned that a lot of places stop serving food at 8 p.m and closed at 9 p.m. This was absurd to Wade and I as 9 p.m is the time we’d normally go out back home. Fast food was our only hope now and we’d be driving around for about 30 minutes trying to figure it out and we ended up at Subway. This particular Subway did not close until 11 p.m and it was clear that it was the only place open that late as the local teenagers were hanging out in the subway parking lot. Subway is the place to hangout at on a Friday night in Taos apparently.

Middle of no where in Taos, NM
Saturday Morning in Taos, NM

We finished our Friday night by stopping by a gas station and buying a tall can for each and heading back to our lovely trailer to where we watched the Jean Michel Baquiat movie on Netflix. The wind was out of hand that evening and I remember the trailer just rattling like no other making falling asleep difficult. The next morning we wanted to check out a few of the tourist sites of Taos before heading out back home. We had one final outfit to shoot before doing so also, so we woke up, had a cup of tea and shot our final outfit outside the trailer. By 11 a.m we had shot the final outfit and checked out the Taos Royal Gorge Bridge. We made our way back home tired but alot to talk about our experience.

Truth is, New Mexico is certainly not a place for Wade and I to live at. Even though Denver does not move remotely as fast as a place like NY, NM is definitely not our pace for living. We thought about how different our lives would have been if we grew up in a little town like Taos. It made us appreciate Denver and how much more opportunities there is at home than in a little town. Taos is approximately a five hour drive from Denver and it’s ridiculous how much of a difference there is in lifestyles within hours. Our experience from Shiprock to our AirBnB host, to the teenagers on the Subway parking lot, defined the overall day trip. There is the rude, and than there is the nice. The sceneries are incredible and you just want to play Neil Young while driving through them but people are what make communities and cities what they are.

The sceneries are incredible and you just want to play Neil Young while driving through them but people are what make communities and cities what they are.

“On the road again”