How I’ve kept neglecting the importance of Context

Growing up, I was never a visual learner. I always needed to be able to do the work itself in order for me understand it and come to terms with it. This same idea of learning has stuck with me my whole twenty-two years of age. Since leaving high school, I’ve come to realize so many things that my parents had mentioned about life that I was very naive to. Sure, maybe some ignorance could back that statement but overall I know of things, but don’t understand them until I practice them. Now, I’ve been an aspiring creative for over a two years, and to understand the importance of context is one thing I’ve kept neglecting. I’ve read plenty of self help books which one of them was “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk, which I highly recommend. He always stressed the importance of context throughout the book and somehow I still managed to oversee how important that was. I’ve taken multiple Skillshare classes; How to become a freelance photographer? How to craft your dream career? which these classes stated the obvious, context is key. By this time, the idea of context had been brought to my attention multiple times and I kept neglecting it. Why? Because I belive the idea of context is a very conscious decision.

I realized that the idea of context is a conscious decision when I was having a simple conversation with a close friend of mine whether or not if A.P.C is a high end fashion brand. Aside from what we came to terms with & the conversation, I asked myself, where would I be able to ask that question on the internet and get the most argumentative results? I didn’t ask the question at all but it did spark the idea of keeping a close eye on the content I chose to share and what platform would it be most adequate for due to the fact that I want to maximize my results. It’s so natural to want to gain those things as a creative but it’s also so easy to get on Facebook and ask a question like the one my friend and I had. The truth to it is, do you want opinions? Or do you have friends on Facebook that can truly answer that question and get a result that lives up to it’s full potential? Being aware of where you could get the best results is a result of context. Not only have I kept a close eye on my sharing abilities but others as well, and I start to realize what content does really well with the appropriate context.

Being aware of where you could get the best results is a result of context.

The whole idea is simple, if you know of something that could benefit you but someway, somehow you keep neglecting it like I did, take a step back and stay away from your previous approach and try the one you were so naive to doing. Even looking back, I never wanted to share anybody else’s photos on my Instagram. I always wanted it to be my own, and it even bothered me when I saw people post other peoples pictures on their own IG’s. I’ve always thought Tumblr or Twitter would be a more adequate place for them. I’ve known about this, but to make the decision of acknowledging that idea and actually practicing it other than just on Instagram has made me appreciate every piece of content that much more. So don’t be like me and neglect the importance of something for over a year, take action now.

Practice it.
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