Eulogy for a Fairy Princess
Lisa Williams

When I found out about Heather I was stunned, like everyone else. I was trying to explain to my husband who the world had just lost but I couldn’t find the words. You did. You were so lucky to have Heather and she you.

When you first got together and were figuring things out, Heather told me about you. She was thrilled. Her love for you was clear. No confusion. She knew what the future would bring and was excited for it. The image of the two of you in the patch of flowers with the bee is one I will cherish because it truly captures who she was. She was Snow White.

Heather was always different. And the best thing about it is that it seemed like she didn’t even notice or bother herself with that. She loved what she loved. She loved who she loved. Heather didn’t see with her eyes, she saw with her heart.

Her art is amazing. My favorite pieces are always the ones with eyes in them. I have a quite a few of her paper pieces and am finally going to bite the bullet and buy the displays I have been meaning to get for them. I wish I had taken care of it sooner so I could have shown her.

I also wish that you and I had had a chance to meet. Heather and I talked about oddities markets and at one point I almost had the chance to meet up with both of you. I would have really enjoyed that.

Heather loved you so very much. Thank you for making my friend so genuinely happy. I can’t express how sorry I am for your loss.

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