Envision a Bright Future without Religion and Politics in Nigeria

The situation we finds ourselves in today is such a peculiar and yet interesting one that it presents both the challenge and opportunity paradox that can be a dream come true for some or a nightmare lived in for others. It’s easily a two side to a coin narrative that only requires you to toss a coin repeatedly to put the odds in your favor.

My Focus is on Nigeria (as the context for the African story)

#GangWolf … This is strictly #Not4Sheep

We’ve lacked the depth to articulate history because we have been conditioned to believe it holds no importance, and those who understand the past are the ones who hold our future in their hands.

From the Agrarian to the current Information Age, we have been positioned to be nothing more than a raw material hub (inclusive of humans) for the world to drain and exploit.

Era 1.0 (Agrarian) — Cash Crops & Slaves

Era 2.0 (Industrial) — Oil & Brains

Era 3.0 (Information) — Data & Culture

And because I see a pattern, I am able to infer that;

Era 4.0 (Connected) — Content & Identity

It has always been about Value & People — we are plagued currently by a masses who still have slavery mentality, talents who want to leave the country, a confused culture and no identity for our tomorrow. Meanwhile our Cash Crops and Oil still gets exported, our Data is mined and our Content is currently fine tuned and would soon be sold back to us as “foreign stories & brands” for us to consume and pay for.

I believe this was intentionally designed, and some will ask “How did we get here?” … so let me paint a picture we might all be too familiar with;

When elections draw near and candidates arm people with guns, they usually get what they want in forcing the masses and opponents to submit to their agenda. After elections, they irresponsibly leave those guns on the streets and crime follows once the hooligans begin to understand that they can continue to control things … until they run out of Cause, Ammo or Time! (Same principle applies to Boko Haram, Militants e.t.c. of today)

Replace Guns with Religion & Politics (Church & State) and imagine the candidates are the colonial masters — the ammunition has not run out because corruption keeps feeding the cycle long after “colonialism” ended!

This is what is fueling our downfall as a nation! We have taken the weapons of Religion and Politics and turned it on ourselves in confusion and stupidity while “the colonial masters” keep getting away with the spoils of the land!

So in a time where so much is happening as we move from the Information to Connected era, it is important to know what is going on and avoid distractions. We need to replace our politics with genuine leadership and religion with true belief to truly get the big picture of where humanity is going fast and tap into it.

Harnessing what is left of our Data & Culture to protect our Content & Identity is the opportunity. The challenge is moving away from the corruption that is politics and religion!

The choice is ours really … Heads or Tails! The odds are not favors, they are simply perspectives!!!