Deprecating Event Filtering in sensu-plugin
Cameron Johnston

this is one of the dumbest most infuriating things ever. who the f cares this much about the reasoning behind this? sensu, you have gone way too far down a rabbithole of your own thoughts. occurrences worked fine. there is no reason it needed to be removed. it could have been retained in some legacy support mode with little effort. this is silly and is yet another reason why i have been advocating alternate monitoring solutions over sensu. sensu is terribly overcomplicated, and config changes every 5 seconds. it’s an endless moving target of frustration. no service i manage is as much of a pain in the butt to install/upgrade. endlessly frustrating. we just want a friggin solution that works w/o having to learn the musings du jour of some monitoring expert. this could not be more boring to 99.99999% of your user base. absolutely zero normal humans care. just make it work sensu. that’s what we want. we want to NOT think about monitoring software at this detail. wasn’t that part of your goal to begin with? monitoring software that doesn’t suck? well THIS SUCKS. go wash your portland hipster beard as punishment.

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