It is a tad cliched, for from memes to Quora threads to articles, the Indian hypocrisy is a…
Shruti Ganapathy Subramanian

I think, the solutions were pretty self explanatory from the article, or so is what i concurred. e.g.:

  1. Read the constitution of India to start with. We, the citizens, should do it both as a right as well as duty to understand what this book, so cited on both sides on any debates now-a-days, actually teaches.
  2. Do not believe in any random forwarded messages on instant messengers or on social media sites. Instead research it up properly and then come up with opinions. (railway price hikes..)
  3. Start taking public transport or at least do car-pooling in case we are tired of the creaking public transport infra.
  4. ……………….

At the end of the day, I would conclude saying that we, the educated, have the power of choice, to see and take what we actually want to. You may see a hypocritical opinion, I may see a writing that offers a few pieces that can help me make my country better.