Image Diary


I start my day by waking up and turning on my overhead light. The simple act of having artificial technology light up an entire room is almost always overlooked by the public.

9:05 am

My next step in my day is taking a trip to the restroom where there the toilet flushes automatically, alleviating the risk of bacteria when compared to flushing a toilet manually.

9:07 am

After washing my hands, I walk over to the automated paper towel dispenser which also lessens the risk of transferring bacteria between individuals.

9:10 am

The ability to shower in the morning with warm water and great water pressure is a technological advancement that if were not invented, would create a very smelly and unhygienic society.

9:30 am

I am now showered, dressed, and able to use my Sonic Care electric toothbrush which provides a deeper clean than a manual toothbrush. This sufficiently diminishes the probability of bad oral hygene.

11:15 am

After my first class of the day, I came to the library to work on a little bit of homework. Here I utilize the campus WIFI, which allows me to search the Internet on my Laptop anywhere on Gonzaga.


I used the printer to transfer electric word documents on my laptop onto physical pieces of paper for an essay I had to complete for Sociology class.


After leaving the library, I came back to my dorm building which can only be entered with my school ID card. This prevents those who are not residents from getting in which protects the safety and well-being of all those who live in my building.


Once I am inside of my dorm building, I went to the vending machines which provide me with an assortment of drinks for a fee. It is crazy to think that by swiping my card and pressing a button, I am able to hydrate myself.

12:10 pm

After I got my drink from the vending machine, I microwaved some frozen Mac & Cheese that I left in my friend’s freezer. I think that it is amazing that in just 2 minutes I can turn a rock solid frozen meal, into a delicious warm lunch.

12:15 pm

After making my meal I decided to turn on the television and watch a show. The introduction of television into society connects a massive public audience while exploiting different ideas and biases with every change of the channel.

12:40 pm

After resting for a little while I decided to turn on some music and clean my room. I did this wirelessly through Bluetooth connection from my phone. This wireless connection allowed me to have my phone in my pocket while my speaker stayed on my dresser.

12:50 pm

While my music was playing, I grabbed the vacuum which allows me to clean up small things like crumbs, dirt, etc. off of my carpet. This vacuum has saved me hours of picking up tiny objects and dispose of it without much effort. This is truly a way that technology has made my life easier.

1:05 pm

Before class I decided to fill up my water bottle in our water fountain. The invention of the water fountain to provide clean, cold water to an individual eliminates the need to go gather water. It is another invention that our society takes for granted.

1:10 pm

As the clock shows, I am just beginning my 1:10 class period. The invention of the clock and time itself is something that every person bases their entire day and life around. Without the technology and widespread use of this clock, there would be no order in our lives.

2:45 pm

After class, I took a trip to another friend’s room where we entertained ourselves by playing video games. This gaming console allows me to either play on the television or on a handheld device which I think is a really cool technology.

6:00 pm

My last entry is again using my ID card to enter into an area. This area, the COG, is where my ID card allows me to enter into a large cafeteria where I can eat as much food as possible. This technology allows me to gain access into the Cog where as those who are not a part of the community cannot enter.

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