Because I was born in the year 1998, technology has been a major part in both my upbringing as well as my life currently. One way that technology has impacted my life is through my passion of fishing. This passion started when I was very young and has continued as I got older, becoming easier with the use of technology. Constantly I am using the internet and online maps to locate areas on bodies of water which I can fish.

Before I go fishing I like to lookup rules and regulations on the body of water I plan to fish. I then look at blog entries and fishing departments which provide tips, locations and fishing reports of that given body of water. I enjoy this because it allows me to get a basic understanding of what time of year is best for what species of fish all through using my iPhone. I also utilize technology in fishing, especially when I am fishing in the Puget Sound for Salmon season, by using a fish finder. Fish finders work by using electrical impulses from a transmitter down into the water, which then transmits and image showing the size, shape and location of the fish.

This technological advancement allows me to determine how low in the water column I should have my lure and how large the school of fish. This also helps when determining how deep of water I will be fishing. Without these technologies I would be unable to know how deep the water is, as well as when and where I should be fishing.

I believe that the input of other individuals on the internet helps create a community of fisherman who share a passion and work together to help each other catch more fish. Without online blog entries and department information, I would spend hours if not days researching areas to fish, what equipment is acceptable to use, and where the fish are hiding.

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