Gun Control

I don’t like guns. I wish they didn’t exist. Their existence speaks to one of those uncomfortable truths about humans that we dare not speak.

But I live in a real world and therefore I must acknowledge that my opinion isn’t universally shared.

Yesterday evening while driving home from a friend’s house I was listening to BBC Radio 5Live. They had teamed up with The Steve Gruber Show to discuss American politics. For the first hour, they were taking calls from the listeners to Steve Gruber’s show in the US and in the second hour they were taking calls from Steve Nolan’s show in the UK. I only caught the last 10 minutes of the first hour but during that segment the issue of Second Amendment rights got raised. The caller was railing against the perceived restriction President Obama was exerting upon their Second Amendment rights.

I’m a laid back, sometimes horizontal, kind of person and when feelings of anger rise in me it can be quite alarming (especially when you are driving). Those people who are in love with their guns just make me angry. I can’t help it, it is a gut reaction every time. 
 I cannot process how someone can view their right to own and use a gun above another’s right to life. That is what it boils down to for me.

Gun rights are blood thirsty, animalistic and demeaning to humans.

To grieve over such outrages as Sandy Hook and at the same rationalise about how you can make gun ownership more safe is immoral and defunct.

I am not a US citizen and in my lifetime, I have only spent a total of 5 weeks in the USA.

In my opinion The Second Amendment is an anachronism