The Fearless Girl

I know a lot of brave, inspiring, independent, caring, powerful women in this world. Two being the most important people in my life, my sister and my mom. Others being, Crista Samaras, grandma fish, my two best friends Julia and Conner, my current lacrosse coaches (Jess, Jess and Sarah), my former sports coaches (which have been quite a few), my entire extended family, the four McDonough’s — Ruth, Kel, Murph and Mads, my favorite little Haitian girl Govana, my high school girl friends, my athletic trainer Kristen, my academic advisor Cathy, my two best friends at school Jenna and Mic, my roommate Hayley, my teammates and others including, Casey Johnson, Cathy Hudson, Cathy Gresh, Katie Carroll, Linda Norris, Sherry Larose, Taylor Shea, and MANY more that I have not named. All super, crazy, awesome, women.

I’ve read a bunch of different things about today, and what today means for a plethora of people. The first thing I read about today was the addition of the “Wall Street Fearless Girl” standing in front of the Charging Bull. Personally, I love it. I love the statue, and I love the idea.

Immediately when I saw a picture of this bronze statue girl, I thought of Crista Samaras. Isn’t that “Fearless Girl” standing in the so-called power pose that Crista always made us do? Made us introduce ourselves in that pose, made us talk in that pose, made us stand in silence in that pose, made us quite frankly, learn to love that pose. The pose to me, is the Crista Samaras power pose. When I look at this “Fearless Girl” statue, standing in the Crista Samaras power pose, I think to myself all the things Crista has taught me, has helped me with, has inspired me to do, has opened my eyes to, has challenged me with, has told me, all that have made me feel this fearless. Fearless enough to stand in this pose, in front of a bull.

I’ve written, deleted and re written multiple different things about Crista, for hours. The truth is, the impact she has had on my life, can not be truly explained through words. Through ten words, through 500 words, through a million words. It’s funny, because a series of a few strange/unpredictable events led me to meeting Crista. And now, she’s turned into someone who I couldn’t imagine my life without.

I felt as though today, on International Women’s Day, I’d explain why Crista has been my biggest role model for the last three years. Why she is that person who has time after time convinced me I can be that Fearless Girl standing in front of the Charging Bull.

So, the hours of writing, deleting and rewriting, have turned into this: the best written explanation I could give.

Crista Samaras is favorite person in the world for an unimaginable amount of reasons.

Firstly, she introduced me to a lacrosse club, that has changed the way I look at life, the way I think about life and the way I live life. She has successfully empowered a group of girls, who may or may not have already known, they are capable of changing the world. Everyday, she believed in us, believed in our potential, believed in our ability, just as we were. Just as we are. And sometimes, that’s all you need. Is someone to believe in you. To believe in what you’re saying, to believe in what you’re doing, to believe in the goals you want to accomplish. She consistently does that.

Secondly, she taught me, life is more fun when it is hard. This sounds cliché and corny, but it’s true. That saying “nothing worth having comes easy” is exactly the same idea. Life is hard. Maybe not all of the time, but a lot of the time. But just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it’ll always be and doesn’t mean you should give up. It means that once you get through the hard, you’ll be so glad you did so. You’ll feel accomplished and have a sense of pride. Pride that makes you wanting to take on a new hard challenge. She’s told me this, she’s shown me this in almost everything the does. Every workout she crushes, every company she builds, every eval she sends, every video she makes. All hard things. All fun things. All awesomely rewarding things. Don’t trust easy.

Thirdly, she’s shown me passion is everything. People are immediately intrigued by her because of her passion. Her passion for lacrosse, her passion for trying new things, her passion for finding bravery, her passion for writing, her passion for helping people, her passion for Prince, her passion for pistachios, her passion for finding the bigger picture, her passion for life. She has passion, flowing from her ears, flowing from her body. It’s what makes her shine, what makes her boom, what makes her light up any room she walks into.

Then there’s honesty. I have never met anyone, ANYONE, as honest as her. Ever. And I think that’s what keeps people coming back. Coming back to her. To getting her advice. It’s the honesty. Her ability to always say the hard truth, when no one else will. Her ability to tell you, things you may already know, but don’t want to admit to yourself. She holds people to a higher standard than they hold themselves. Which in turn, makes them wanting to be more, to be this person she knows they can be, to be that person they are capable of. I think this is something not a lot of people do. Hold you to a high standard. And that’s what makes her one of those people, who doesn’t just make you a better person, but makes you actually want to be a better person.

Lastly, Crista gives a shit. She gives a shit about more than life as we know it. She digs deeper. Digs deeper into people, digs deeper into science, digs deeper into the unknown. And that is why she’s so successful. She wants to know. She listens to understand, not just to listen. She is curious, about everything. She cares. She’s an explorer. She’s an inventor. She’s a creator. She is a badass.

Crista is the type of person that only comes around once. The type of person that once you do find, and meet, you’ll never want to leave. The type of person that you always want to be around. The type of person that you can always count on. The type of person who always knows the right thing to say. The type of person that makes you want to be more, makes you want to be more brave, more curious, more willing, more daring.

Crista, has the ability to make me feel like I can conquer the world. Has the ability to make me feel like I can be that Fearless Girl standing in front of the Charging Bull.

Who’s that person for you?

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