On dating men with “potential”
Christy White

I could have written that exact text almost verbatim and titled it:

“On Dating Women with Potential”.

All human beings have potential, not all of them are able to realize that potential. Case in point, Imagine if his coaches and family and girl friend had given up on Michael Phelps when was going through his bout with alcohol and drugs a few years ago? He would not have been on that Olympic podium in Rio this past week. He might not have been able to realize his potential and he might be dead! He was lucky to have had the support of people who cared and recognized his true potential even when he didn’t recognize it himself.

What comes through in you writing is that you have finally learned a very important lesson in life. One that I learned many years ago as a young rescue diver, which is, that you can’t save anyone else unless you are able to save yourself first. Very few of us are qualified to save others and some people just can’t be saved no matter how hard we might try!

At the end of the day we must accept that life is not fair, it is a Darwinian world, though that should never stop us from trying! C’est la Vie!

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