How does Brexit, Trump’s election, and the rise of nationalist populism affect your thoughts on the…
Chip Daniels

I see all of those as just a temporary backlash against the radically different paradigms emerging globally. Nation States tend to be petri dishes for the growth of xenophobia, fascism, ultra nationalism and various forms of authoritarianism. Non of which are conducive to dealing with global issues.

Humanity is now part of a global civilization and can no longer afford to wallow in the comfort of segmented tribal groups. Can one imagine dealing with say a global pandemic or massive migrations due to sea level rise, drought and food crop failures on a massive scale due to global climate change.

We live in an age of incredible technological disruption such as alternatives energy sources, AI, robotics, synthetic biology, enhanced biological evolution through technologies such as editing capability of genomes with CRISPR-cas9, just to name a few.

There is plenty of writing on the wall, I recommend Googling Tony Seba’s Clean Energy Disruption talks or even better, reading ‘Homo Deus’, by Yuval Noah Harari and ‘Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus’ by Douglas Rushkoff.

So I see occurrences such as Brexit, Trump’s election, ISIS etc… as remnants of people who are clinging desperately to the past. They are the equivalent of cornered beasts that are feeling threatened and it is expected that they will lash out and try to defend their territories. However if the forces they represent should win out then we will all be much the worse off and will be going through some very dark times indeed.

I’m betting on global solutions like biologist E.O. Wilson’s Half Earth idea, Ellen MacArthur’s Circular Economy, and Resilient Cities. I have been a follower of ideas coming out of the Disruptive Innovation Festival organized by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

If the planet is to have a peaceful and prosperous future then the Nation States must relinquish the notion that each country can be ‘Great by itself in glorious isolation. That ship has sailed and won’t be returning to port any time soon.


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