Catchy title.
Duane Lawton

“Is Trump perfect? No. Does he lie, cheat, steal and bite the heads off babies? No.”

While I could find no direct evidence to support the contention that Trump actually bites the heads off babies, it is exceedingly easy to find evidence of his lying, cheating and stealing. His business career and long list of bankruptcy filings for one. Perhaps an example is in order, ‘Trump University’… I rest my case

“The organization was not an accredited university or college. It did not confer college credit, grant degrees, or grade its students.[3] In 2011, the company became the subject of an inquiry by the New York Attorney General’s office for illegal business practices that resulted in a lawsuit filed in 2013.

Trump University was also the subject of two class action lawsuits in federal court. The lawsuits centered around allegations that Trump University defrauded its students by using misleading marketing practices and engaging in aggressive sales tactics. The company and the lawsuits against it received renewed interest due to Trump’s candidacy in the 2016 presidential election. Despite repeatedly insisting that he would not settle, Trump settled all three lawsuits in November 2016 for a total of $25 million after being elected to the presidency.”

Source Wikipedia